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Kahdijah Bell Taylor is a licensed New Jersey Realtor with Bell Taylor Properties/Keller Williams in New Jersey.  Her main focus is residential real estate, and she covers the entire state of New Jersey. 

Her concentration of business has been in Essex and Union County.  In the residential space, she helps clients sell, buy and rent properties at all price points.

Kahdijah helps develop strategies and implementation plans for individuals or businesses looking to acquire properties.

Kahdijah Bell Taylor
Top Realtor – Kahdijah Bell Taylor

Adel’s Luxury: Hi Kahdijah, Thanks for taking the time to share some insights with us and we are so glad to have you on this emerging segment series featuring Luxury thought leaders.

Kahdijah: Thanks, Adel for having me.

Adel’s Luxury: Can you tell us a bit more about where you are from and what you do?

Kahdijah: I was born in Jersey City, New Jersey and I have lived in various towns in the state. I became a licensed NJ Realtor in 2016 when my daughter was just four years old. I wanted to find a career that I could utilize my professional background in marketing and public relations, allow me the flexibility to juggle motherhood, and offer an opportunity to make money with no ceiling. 

In addition, I am a KW Luxury Real Estate Agent, which is an elite business segment which agents are earned in based on their production of luxury real estate and is a network of over 11,000 global KW Luxury agents who have closed over $94.9 Billion in luxury real estate.

I am a KW Sports & Entertainment agent, which is a network of over 1,000 real estate agents in over 330 markets across North America, who specialize in assisting sports and entertainment clients with their real estate needs.

Adel’s Luxury: That is really amazing. What motivated you into the Real Estate business?

Kahdijah: My late grandmother, Alice Fraylon. She was a Broker/Realtor in Charlotte, NC where she made a name for herself in both residential and commercial real estate and she owned her brokerage – Alice Fraylon Realty. She was my motivation for getting into the business and continues to be my inspiration as I grow in the industry. She passed away in 2022.

Adel’s Luxury: Such an iconic inspiration and we are so sorry to hear of her passing. Can you describe one of the challenges you faced recently and how you were able to overcome it?

Kahdijah: One of the most challenging things I faced this year was dealing with a client who displayed inappropriate behavior towards me. The lesson I learned from that experience is to always remember your business standards.  If a client doesn’t align with your professional standards or doesn’t respect you as a professional, then it is ok to walk away from that business. 

Sold by Bell Taylor Properties

Adel’s Luxury: How did the 2020 pandemic affect you or your business and can you share how you have been able to bounce back?

Kahdijah: Fortunately for me, I experienced growth during the pandemic. In NJ, we were deemed essential workers.  This was because, I had clients who needed to sell and buy, I was listing homes on the market and showing properties during lock down.

The amount of precision and details that needed to be done in order to keep everyone safe and still give top notch service was a tremendous learning experience. 

Adel’s Luxury: What are some interesting facts you wish to share with anyone who wants to get into your line of business?

Kahdijah: First, make sure you have monetary reserves in the bank or do real estate part time to build up your business.  There is no guarantee you will make money in your first year of business, so make sure to have funds set aside for your living needs. 

After you become a license realtor, find a reputable brokerage with a good training program to learn the business.  Remember, you are working with people on one of the largest assets they own. So, you want to make sure you understand the real estate business and learn everything you can.

And finally, find a great mentor or study those who are at the top of their game.  Mirror the things that they do (no need to reinvent the wheel). You should learn from the best to be the best.

Kahdijah Striking a Pose

Adel’s Luxury: What tip would you give to anyone looking to purchase a property be it home or apartment at this time?

Kahdijah: There are sequential steps to follow when you want to purchase a home or lease a property.  In order to take the first step, I highly recommend you get your finances in order. 

For home buying, it is important to have a good amount of money saved for down payment, at least 10-20%.  Make sure your financial documents are in order and ready to submit to your lender of choice to apply for a home loan.  Documents such as your pay stubs, tax returns, credit score, and bank statements need to be in order. Create a spreadsheet with your debt, including what is owed.  Work on paying down or paying off your debt before your purchase. 

For leasing (which is the prequel to buying a home), it is also imperative to also get your financial documents in order.  Be prepared to show proof of income with four consecutive pay stubs, a copy of your credit score and a copy of your bank statement for proof of funds for your security deposit and first month’s rent.  If you plan to work with an agent, be prepared to pay a brokerage fee which is usually equal to one month’s rent.  It is very helpful to be honest and upfront with your agent about any financial issues or eviction.  If you are not honest, it will show up when you have to complete a background check report. 

If you happen to be fortunate to buy properties with cash, make sure to provide legitimate proof of funds such as a bank statement.  If you plan to use a hard money loan, make sure to align yourself with a reputable lender.

Words that Say a Whole Lot…….

Luxury in one word: Experience
If you were to pick two colors: Blue and Black
Instagram or TikTok: Both
A Book that greatly influenced you: The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller

Adel’s Luxury: That was a coaching session…whew. Thank you so much for that great tip. I sure learned a lot myself. This has been an exciting and informative interview with you Kahdijah. Can you share some fun facts about you?

Kahdijah: Fun facts

📍I grew up in the entertainment industry

📍My father, Ronald Khalis Bell who passed away in 2020, was one of the founding members of the Grammy Awards Winning Group, Kool and the Gang.

📍I am also the niece of Robert Kool Bell, founding member of the musical group and a recent Emmy winner, Talk about Pressure!

Favorite Quote – Your Net Worth is your Network.

Connect with Kahdijah Bell Taylor on LinkedIn or Instagram. Phone (646) 872-9292

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