Wale HRT Bike

We are so excited to have the great pleasure of talking with Adewale Anifowose aka Agali “HRT”, an electrical engineer and a bike rider who resides in Port Harcourt which is the capital and largest city of Rivers State, Nigeria.

In this interview, he shares his thoughts, opinions and experiences as a bike enthusiast.

Wale HRT Bike
Wale and his bike

Adel’s Luxury: Hello Wale, thank you for taking time to talk to us. It is really wonderful to have you as one of our first guests for this segment series featuring Luxury thought leaders.

Wale: Thanks Adel, it’s great to be here.

Adel’s Luxury: Can you tell us the meaning of HRT and how the alias Agali came about.

Wale: HRT is actually my codename which means His Royal Tallness. The name Agali stemmed from my college days, my mates naturally called me Agali because of the famous Victor Agali who was a professional footballer who played for the Nigerian National Football team between 2000 and 2004. I was just as tall!

Adel’s Luxury: O yes, we can see how very tall you are. How did you find yourself bike riding and loving it?

Wale: My childhood dream inspired me, I had an encounter with a neighbor (Uncle Tony). I used to watch him wash and service his bike. I never had the mind to ask him to allow me to touch his bike, but I loved to watch him ride off and also loved to hear the loud noise coming out of the 2 loud exhaust pipes.

Wale Agali and friends at the Bole Festival, Port Harcourt

Adel’s Luxury: That is so inspiring. When did you now decide to pursue the dream?

Wale: I decided to pursue this passion during the Covid19 pandemic (2020). I saw a video on Twitter posted by a female rider, Lara Annie. I told myself I was going to start riding. It felt like the right choice for me. So I went ahead and got myself a Yamaha MT-09.

Adel’s Luxury: Why the Yamaha MT-09?

Wale: It was the best choice I could make because I love the reviews. I’m not a fan of sports bike because of the sitting position but this Yamaha MT-09 is an upright bike and I love it.

Adel’s Luxury: How did you learn to ride? Were you afraid at any point?

Wale: I went to a popular “Bike club house” in GRA Port Harcourt, and fortunately, the first person I spoke to was the Trainer (Allen). We picked a date to start the motorcycle riding training. Well since it was a dream that I had always had, I had no fear at all!

Before the 1st training day, I downloaded manuals and watched a lot of videos on how to ride a motorcycle, and it really paid off.
I was excited about my first time on a motorcycle. It was a dirt bike and carburetor engine.

Wale’s Favorite Quotes

“Be nice to people, all people, even if you don’t have to be.”
“Whatever you sow, you shall reap.”

Adel’s Luxury: I can just imagine the excitement. How were you able to overcome obstacles?

Wale: My trainer didn’t believe it was the 1st time I was moving a bike. I had no fear, I was determined, and I was more inspired to pursue the passion from that day’s experience.
But then, I realized that owning a motorcycle is a luxury.

Adel’s Luxury: Can you share your thoughts on your bond with your bike and riding in general.

Wale: When I got a Yamaha MT-09, I named her Jayden.
Riding her became more than a hobby; it became a part of my identity and lifestyle. Riding provides me with a sense of freedom and escape from sad times. Some of the lessons I have learned are:

  1. If others can do it, why can’t I?
  2. People are attracted to whatever makes them happy.
  3. Only you can make yourself happy.

Adel’s Luxury: Wow this has been an amazing and exciting interview with you Wale. Any final thoughts?

Wale: I hope to get more bikes (street and adventure). I hope to make international/intercontinental trips.
One lasting impact that motorcycling has had on my life is being a volunteer and philanthropist, that’s why distance didn’t stop me from joining the great Metallic BullRidaz Motorcycle Club in Lagos state.

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  1. Awesome interview. I always wondered about that name of Agali HRT but never thought to ask 😁. I thought he was riding for much longer. I guess he is a natural.

  2. Awesome Interview. Not too long or too short. I always wondered about his name but never asked. I thought he rode for much longer: A natural

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