Happy holidays! Today, I will be sharing a list of clutter-free Christmas gift ideas for kids. These are gifts kids will love without adding clutter to their rooms or around the house.

When choosing a gift first of all, you want to focus on the reason for the season. Christmas is a season where we are all very grateful and thankful for the love of God through the whole year. Friends, family or well-wishers who buy gifts for your kids during the holidays sometimes ask what your kids would like as a gift. This is a great time to suggest these clutter-free gift ideas.

Listed below are the clutter-free gift ideas for kids this Christmas season.

1. Tickets to a sporting event, games arena, zoo, museum, amusement parks, Ferris wheel, science center, aquarium, concerts etc.

2. Passes or membership for swimming, bowling or skating.

3. Movie Passes or Tickets

4. Gift cards for frozen yoghurt, ice cream station, favorite diners etc.

5. A gift card for cooking or painting class

6. Craft or art supplies

7. Game Night Baskets. These baskets can include tower game, uno card game, playing cards, snacks and goodies etc.

8. A simple plastic tea set is always fun.

9. A Play kitchen

10. Cash registers which is also great for learning numbers.

11. Digital movies or audiobooks

12. Unisex reindeer slippers for babies under 18 months old.

13. Christmas Santa Claus Cloak and Cape

14. Barbies are still very well in season and there is a lovely Holiday Barbie that is a special edition this year.

15. A Doctor Kit is a good play toy for kids to play Doctor and patient.

16. Activity Boxes like a friendship bracelet making kit is always a nice gift for girls ages 6 -11.

17. Personalized hairbrush for girls

18. Magnetic Tiles are great for pre-school learning.

19. Gingerbread House kit

20. Kaws Figure Plush Toy

21. Smartwatch for kids

22. Train sets

23. Cute animal slippers

24. Kids Bible Storybook

25. Personalized Kid’s Piggy Bank

Are you feeling inspired? Do you see how you can get you children quality, exciting gifts that aren’t just random toys.

Please share if you have your recommendations to add of the things your kids love i the comments below!

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