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The term Luxury Brand simply means successful brands associated with high level of price, quality, rarity and extraordinariness. Branding that deals with high-paying clients.

Brands such as Givenchy, Dior, Hermes, Maserati, Ferrari, Gucci are very different from an everyday one. Why? IDENTITY – They simply told us why their brands are different!

What Makes a Luxury Logo Design?

Statistics show that 75% of customers recognize a brand by its logo.

One of the number one points for identity is the logo or emblem of the brand. A luxury logo should be simple and not include everything but the following:

  1. A minimalistic design
  2. A recognizable emblem
  3. A readable font
  4. A sophisticated color

Sophisticated luxury brands embrace “the less is more” philosophy to their visual branding. Major examples are Gucci, Chanel, Apple or Maserati.

Luxury Logo
Designs by Adel’s Luxury

Simple Design

You have to organize the elements in your logo so that it has a natural feel to it. You do not want too many elements and texts in your logo as highlighted above. Building an effective brand, starts with your logo where you do not have to add a lot of unnecessary elements.

Emblems or Patterns

There is the classic double GG for Gucci and YSL or Yves Saint Laurent. The two mirrored or intertwined letter “C” stands for Coco Chanel and so many others.

Selecting your emblem is the major task in your logo creation. Decide whether you want a monogram style or some line work with your brand name.

Upscale Fonts

With luxury designs, you will most likely see scripts or serif fonts. Serif fonts shows an air of prestige or luxury. Examples of brands that use serif fonts are Armani, Jimmy Choo, Prada and Gucci.

Color Use

Studies have shown that about 95% of the top brands use up to two colors in their logos.

What kinds of colors represent luxury?

  1. Black
  2. Gold
  3. Dark Hues
  4. Pink
  5. Navy Blue

As a high-end brand designer, I carefully and purposefully design each element of a client’s logo. This includes altering and tweaking even the slightest detail.

Luxury brand design is my area of expertise. When you’re ready for not just a logo, but a comprehensive luxury brand system that takes you from ordinary to extraordinary, you can contact me.

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Logo Design

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